As you may have guessed, this is the website of Adam Oliver (that’s me!). I’m an animator and illustrator based in Manchester, U.K. Originally from Nottingham, I moved to the south of the country to study animation at university and have hopped from place to place over the past decade, both for work and travel. Some highlights include Ireland, Scotland, the U.S.A and Australia.

Adam Oliver in Dubai

Adam is so tall even buildings look small near him

I specialise in 2D animation and over the past decade have completed projects in film, TV, commercial and everything in between. Check out my LinkedIn profile for more details or read my C.V here. In 2017 I became a certified Toon Boom Harmony expert and began training people via my new business venture, Adam’s Animation Academy

This exciting project builds on my teaching experience which includes associate and guest lecturing in higher education, consulting for business and as a speaker for an artist in residence scheme. I still love animating but am now lucky enough to balance a career that encounters creativity, business and education.

I also love playing sports (golf, tennis and cycling being my faves) and getting out in that there nature…hence the lovely picture of trees above!

That’s me in a nutshell 🙂 For any questions, ideas or business inquiries ask away via the contact page. Cheers!




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